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Our founder and head instructor is an Alabama State Trooper with many years’ experience, Safe Driving awards and is the Director of Driver's Education at the Union Chapel High School Christian Academy in Huntsville Alabama. All our other instructors provide your driver training to the same standards. It is important to choose wisely when seeking a driving instructor. Instructors teach you an invaluable life lesson in driving, so it is important to choose driving instruction from a driving school that is honest, reliable and always follows state guidelines on driving.

Once we discuss your goals with you and assess your driving ability, your driving instructor will book the number of driving classes you want and you can get your training underway. It is a simple, hassle free process that lets you get on with the most important task, quickly. Our instructors are usually able to accommodate most special requests and will work closely with you on your way to becoming a fully qualified driver.

Benefits of choosing our driving instructors:

• Our instructors are fully qualified and state certified.
• Friendly and patient with years of knowledge and experience.
• They will teach you the Rules of the Road and how to master the art of defensive driving.

Some people end up giving up their driving lessons in frustration when faced with the jargon used by other instructors. We guarantee that will not happen to you if you choose our academy in Huntsville. We will deliver your lessons in a simple and concise way and your instructor will prepare you for your driving test by working with you on any weaknesses in your driving, and polishing up your strengths in a patient and friendly manner.

Maybe you want to book some lessons for your teenage child, or you are now ready to get a driver’s license and experience the convenience of having your own car. Call the Alabama Driving Academy of Huntsville, one of the leading driving instruction centers in Alabama to get started.

Alabama Driving Academy of Huntsville, LLC

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Huntsville, AL 35813
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Mon-Fri 8:00am - 5:00pm

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