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Learning to drive is an important part of your life as the lessons will be what you rely on when you get out on the road. It is important to use a reputable and industry recognized driving school for your driving lessons. Alabama Driving Academy of Huntsville is a leading driving school offering you expert driving instruction at an affordable price.

Certified by various official organizations including the Alabama Department of Education and the Alabama Department of Secondary Education, we have a record of ensuring success for drivers of all ages and abilities.

Benefits of choosing us:

• The Academy director is an experienced State Trooper with multiple safe driving awards.
• Committed to always being on time with a convenient student pick up and drop off service.
• Test day prep and a choice of using one of our cars during your test.
• Over 98% first time pass rates on road tests.

Over the years our driving school has consistently achieved high first time pass rates, so you can be assured that you will be getting a top driving instructor to aid you. What you learn from our school is what you will rely on when you qualify to be a driver. Avoid taking unnecessary risks and learn the basics the right way from the beginning.

Give us a call today and ensure success at your driving test and on the road. Choose our driving school for expert driving instruction at an affordable price.

Alabama Driving Academy of Huntsville, LLC

Business Address:
PO Box 6322
Huntsville, AL 35813
(256) 655-1966
Business Hours:
Mon-Fri 8:00am - 5:00pm

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